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Hey guys. As you’ve all noticed I’m still getting used to this whole ‘come to mind, grab the laptop and type’ sort of life. I have never been consistent with updating my posts but little tiny baby steps and I’ll get there sooner rather than later. Well, I hope!

So as usual, my random article ideas cross my mind at the most weird hours. It’s either at dawn or a few hours before. So awkward! Anyway, I wanted to write something small about the genuine definition of beauty.

If you’ve glanced at a magazine or turned on the TV in the last decade, you’ve got a good idea of what media’s definition of an attractive woman looks like: she’s tall, young, usually white, has long, flowing hair, is surgically enhanced, blemish-free and very thin . In fact, academic research tells it like we see it: studies show the women we see in media these days are thinner than ever and very often severely underweight.

On top of that, surgical and digital enhancement has become an unquestioned standard. And in a world where a constant flow of media images far outnumbers women we could ever see face to face, this unrealistic ideal has become the norm in our minds. A counterfeit, dangerous, unattainable norm. When we only see a certain type of woman presented positively in media, from fitness magazines to TV dramas, it’s no wonder media is consistently linked to body hatred, disordered eating and an unhealthy focus on appearance.

Profit-driven media, hand in hand with the multi-billion-dollar beauty and weight loss industries, rely on us believing a lie. The lie tells us beauty comes in one form that anyone can attain with enough money, time and effort. It tells us that women who don’t fit the ideal are doomed to be undesirable and unhappy. This sinister lie that female worth is dependent upon appearance is incredibly successful, but now that we recognize we’re in a battle for women’s worth and well being, we can actually start to defend ourselves! Say Lindsay Kite and Lexie Kite, 20-something identical twins with PhDs in the study of media and body image.

You see, society has a million and one definitions of beauty. And the biggest mistake you can make is try and fit in each one of them. The worst part being, you’ll eventually lose your uniqueness in the blind process of trying to be one of the words society uses to define beauty. Just being yourself and accepting your flaws (I don’t believe the word flawless exists by the way) is the most beautiful thing you can ever do.

If we were all blind, we would be forced to judge people’s beauty based on their personality and not color, weight, height etc. Unfortunately, the world we live in today makes people, especially women; think that being beautiful is just having a pretty face. Yes it could be a plus, but never make it a priority.

There are so many other things in life that are more important than just having a pretty face. What’s the point if it doesn’t match your heart? Fact is, no matter how gorgeous you are, it’s you character and personality that will show your true beauty.

Be you. You are beautiful no matter what your neighbor, friends or society in general think. Embrace your flaws. Work with them and most importantly remember confidence is a woman’s strongest weapon.

Keep your chin up or your crown will fall.

Oh yes! Before I forget, that kickass red lipstick never hurt anyone! Rock it and make this world your little runway. 🙂



1 thought on “Beauty Redefined!

  1. Well said zaraya!
    At this rate, I feel you should go up the tallest building in kenya and shout this out to all women. Many kenyan women need to hear this, especially with the bleaching trend that everyone is taking up.
    keep up the good work, ALWAYS a good read 🙂

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